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Im Sara Zeluff, casting producer on a new gameshow. I know this is kind of random, but were seeking experts in various categories to compete for a grand cash prize on our show. One of the featured categories as TELEVISION! It seems youre an expert at TV trivia.

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you. Also, referrals are welcome if you know of anyone else who is an expert in this category. This is a NATIONWIDE search!

Thank you so much! I hope this is an offer you can't refuse!

Please call or email ASAP.  or  

Not sure if this is legit...

If it is, then your message cut off without telling listing your phone number or e-mail address...

I will politely decline; not my cup of tea...

Perhaps one of the other experts would like to ???

Take care,

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Mike Hensel


I will try and answer all questions dealing with names, plots, actors, roles, networks, etc...US shows primarily; not real knowledgeable on TV from other countries...I lean heavily into past, more so than current, television...and, my knowledge dealing with "reality" shows is limited, due to the fact that I really can't stand the genre (my apologies to all the "Reality" fans out there...)


Years of watching and cataloging television shows

High School Graduate

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