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I am trying to find the name or any details about a US spy show that was aired in the UK in Mission Impossible's time slot, I'm assuming it was made at around the same time. It involved 2 male agents (in black polo necks I believe) who kept in contact with their base using hidden ear phones and microphones. Back at base there was a large world map on the wall and a bunch of people monitoring them (kind of like time tunnel, but with a map).
That's it, I remember loving it, nothing more. I don't think it was an ITC production and it wasn't UNCLE of course.

Greetings from across the pond, Paul !!!

I'm going to take a stab at this and say you may be remembering a TV show called "Search"...

In the US, "Search" was broadcast from September 1972 to August 1973... it starred Rod Taylor ("The Time Machine"), Tony Franciosa (TV series, "The Name of the Game" and "Matt Helm"), and Doug McClure (TV series, "The Virginian") as agents of the World Securities Corporation, hired to search and recover valuable property... the 3 stars rotated on a weekly basis, with Taylor getting most of the episodes...

Burgess Meredith also starred as the leader back at Probe Control, where the monitoring of the agent's cases take place...

According to the Wikipedia page - - this show was shown in the UK as "Search Control"...

The reason I can't definitely say that this is the show is because of the "Mission Impossible" reference... MI started in the states in 1966, whereas "Search" wasn't created until 1972... I'm assuming that MI was broadcast later in the UK, so this could be right...

I'm also providing a link to a fan site of the show... it has some pictures that may jog your memory... - (click on the "Overview" button at the top)...

I hope this answers your Query !!! (If not, let me know; I'll keep digging !!!)

Thanks for a Great Question !!!

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