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Television Trivia/Merv Griffin guest who used to talk about "clogged pipes" or "clogged tubes"


Merv Griffin used to have a women who would talk about well-being, health, energies, etc.  She would advise that some people have "clogged pipes" or "clogged tubes" -- kind of a roundabout approach to the Jack Lalanne mentality.  Can you think of any other clues that I could use to search info about her.  Would you remember her name, perhaps ?  Thank you kindly.  Jerry.

Sorry, Jerry, but I do not know the answer to this.... I do have a possible solution, tho it will take a bit of time on your part...

The above link is to a list of episodes for the show on the terrific website assuming that this person was considered a guest, her name should be listed in the synopsis of whichever episode(s) she was on...

The caveat is that Merv's show ran 19 seasons and over 4,100 episodes !!! This is where the "time" I mentioned previously comes in...  :-)

Sorry I couldn't answer your Query !!!

Thanks for a Great Question !!!
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