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Megan wrote at 2007-08-24 18:41:37
I freakin love this show! I have found limited people that know what i'm talking about when I say that it was a show where mannequin's that came alive at night and played around with a puppet. It was all about their hats that came off and they would turn back into a mannequin! good deal here :-)

Summer wrote at 2007-09-05 22:12:57
I remember that show as well and couldnt remember the name of it but sounds like she has the answer right the mannequin guy I remember him and there were some mice as well.  And a lady who was human.

Hilary wrote at 2007-09-22 21:51:18

I also remember this show, and had been searching online for the name of it when I came across your comment. I can add that the security guards name was Sam, and there were also mice involved. The female had short, curly dark hair, but I just cannot remember the name! I really wish someone could remember, I LOVED this show. Especially when they sometimes got to leave the department store, and go outside...


Abby wrote at 2007-09-26 23:51:21
When I saw your question, the first thing that came to my mind was 'Today's Special' or, as I used to say in the 80's 'Today Peshel'.  Yes, Jeff is the mannequin who comes alive and the other characters include a women named Jody, a puppet who played the night watchman named Sam, and a mouse who lived in a hole between two elevators.  She was my favorite, and her name was Muffy. She had an awesome apartment.

At the beginning of every show, a women would say,"Today's Special is..." and then she'd say something like butterflies or cats or buttons or rainbows...anything really, and that would be the theme of the show.

I LOVED that show as a kid and even now I think about it and wonder if I was the only one who ever watched it!


jcanuck wrote at 2008-02-25 19:57:50
I remember this show, there was a Mr. Kershaw, possibly the security guard? The beginning of the show was amazing, when the all come to life, , something about the mannequins going up an escalator with corny theme music playing the background. Man, I wish I could find that some episodes of that.

keri wrote at 2008-09-07 00:46:16
I have been trying to figure out the name of this show for YEARS!  No one ever knows what I'm talking about when I bring it up.

Bridget wrote at 2009-01-23 21:40:48
My brother and I talk about this show all the time!! I am so glad that I found the name and that so many people remember it!

Oscar wrote at 2009-03-05 04:32:26
OH MY GOD!!!  I am so happy to hear you all talk about this show.  I have had the same experience.  NOBODY ever knows what I'm talking about, even my sisters who I know watched it with me.  I thought the lead character was Jack, so have always searched for his name in the title.  Thank you all, I can finally move on.

jane doe wrote at 2009-09-12 05:26:04
oomgg me too. i feel like im talking to myself when i talk of this show. like im the only one who's seen it. thanks for bringing my sense of sanity back.

LKB1984 wrote at 2009-09-24 06:33:58
Too funny.  We were just talking about shows we watched as kids and this was one of my absolute favorites, but all I could remember was that it was a show that had one human girl named Jody and that the other people were some type of characters.  Thank you whoever found the name and those who gave more specific explanations.  Now I feel much better.

sissy wrote at 2009-09-24 14:07:59
It's called the special i thought.. but i can't find it in a search online anywhere.. I came across this by accident!

Bee wrote at 2010-06-06 06:24:58
Like others have said, I'm so glad to FINALLY have other people know what I'm talking about...even my mom couldn't remember this show, and I used to watch it every day!  I thought maybe I had hallucinated it!  :)

LoveThe80s wrote at 2010-12-04 01:47:21
I am so happy that someone knew the answer to this!  facebook has put your favorite childhood cartoon as your profile pic and we're 80s babies!  So of course we watched it :)

Rachel wrote at 2011-01-05 05:01:05
Oh thank you so much for posting this. I have wondered for years and couldn't remember the name of this show. I used to wait anxiously to see this show when I was a young child.  

Tracy wrote at 2011-05-03 02:07:44
ahhh I have been talking about this for years and found only one person who knew anything of what i was talking about. thanks you guys for posting all of this. now i know im not crazy!

dose anyone know where to find the episodes i would love to watch them again. i know that they are not on netflix.

Billy wrote at 2011-09-06 13:58:19
Hahaha I too, think about this show ALL the time. Brings back such great memories. Thanx for posting the title, for years I was searching up "Jack the mannequin" (just like another poster here)... ahhh my life is complete now.

Jessica wrote at 2012-08-12 04:05:55
I have been thinking about this show for YEARS does anyone know the name of this show I used to watch it when I was little too! I loves this show so much if anyone remembers the name that would be great! I am now introducing my children to old shows like care bears and the snorks they love them too! And yes the show did have a woman for the human and they man would dance around and when his hat came off he would turn into a mannequin again.  

aly wrote at 2013-02-25 17:40:15
I was born in December 1992 and I remember this show! I've literally asked everyone if they remember this show, i was thinking it never existed! This show really stuck in my head, I must have been very young, but i had faint memories of it, like the escalator in the beginning, the puppets and mannequins.I remember thinking how amazing this show was, it was so magical. I am so happy I found out the name and that other people are talking about it

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