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Deke wrote at 2015-06-18 13:18:14
In part to the other cartoons that I had liked as a kid,what great childhood memories with The Mighty Hercules being one of them! The complete 3-Seasons 1960s The Mighty Hercules cartoon series & it's Theme Song(s) album can be found at &! I hope it helps you! If The Mighty Hercules cartoon series is found elsewhere,please add to the 2 listings above to help others who might be interested! : )

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I`m a true member of the tv generation! I grew up doing my homework while watching the classics of the 60`s and 70`s and today, they are still my favorites. I have a big library of tv and film reference books at my disposal, as well as a large video library. My memory is pretty darn good too, and when that fails, I can hit the books and/or videos, not to mention a few friends who are as devout tv gen members as I am. Please note that my expertise is with American tv only.

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