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Hello.   Looking over the costs of tequila it is obvious that there is a difference in production that makes some more expensive than others. Is it slower yeast that give a smoother flavor, more filtering, or aging that makes the difference? I have (just) begun comparing brands in the "commercial" range before trying the premium types. I have found that the less expensive bottles are good and are smoother than higher grades of other hard liquors.

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Yes, there is a difference, and the more tequila brands you taste the more you will notice how each one is so unique.  The aging process will make a big difference in price, Blanco or  Silver is usually the most affordable, Reposado is rested in a barrel from 2 months to one year which adds a bit to the price yet it is well worth it, Aņejo is aged 1-3 years and Extra Aņejo is aged more than 3 years which both can get expensive.  You can get a premium tequila for a great price, there are brands like Muchote that are known for making premium tequila yet choose to use traditional bottling methods to keep the end price affordable.  There are some tequilas that spend a lot on the packaging, marketing or celebrity endorsements and all this will add cost to the consumer.  The best tequila is going to be 100% up to you, once you find out if you like blanco or the more aged anejo, you will start to notice the NOM, which is the number on the bottle that shows what distillery it comes from.  You then can figure out if you like tequila from the highlands or lowlands and soon you will notice that your favorites are coming from a certain area or specific distillery.  Purchase tequila in your price range, it is a social and mixable spirit, the worst is to feel like you can't offer a drink to a friend or make a cocktail with it if that is how they want it.  Look for awards or medals from competitions, tequila companies will enter competitions where dozens of judges will taste and rate each brand and give awards, there are over 2,000 brands of tequila, looking for accolades will get you tasting the top tequilas available.  And last but not least always buy a 100% de Agave tequila!  


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