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Yesterday I steeped sliced jalapeno's & a bunch of cilantro leaves for 4 hrs. in tequila trying to make a jalapeņo margarita.  After 4 hrs. the solids were strained out.  I ended up with more tequila than I used & would like to keep the rest of it for a month or more until my next party.  Would this keep in the freezer for say, 6 months, & if so, would the flavors hold up?  Thank you for your time.

Only because I did the same thing do I know this answer, I had a bunch of fresh produce and made several batches, one was jalapeņo.  Over a year later I was at a friends house and he offered me one of my creations, and it tasted great.  I did one thing that could make a big difference, I used a coffee filter to strain it and I believe it kept because there were no pieces left in the final product. If you think you are going to sit on it for a  while do a good job straining your final product.


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