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Terriers/jack russell shih tzu cross breed


Wally's Pack Leader wrote at 2008-02-19 16:47:18
Alfie's behavior is similar to that we experienced with our Wally which came to us from the pound at (as estimated by our vet) 4 to 6 months.  We had him neutered shortly thereafter.  When we got him we were told he was Shih Tzu.  We have come to suspect, however, that he may be a Shih Tzu Jack Russell cross because of similarities we see between him and a neighbor's Jack Russell and because he can leap so high from a standing start.

Like Alfie, Wally would be on your lap enjoying being petted and then suddenly for no apparent reason wheel and bite.  He also would get right down vicious whenever we took his harness off or put it back on--leaving me with bloody hands on many occasions.

We were having these problems as late as 8 weeks ago.  Now we are experiencing almost no such behavior and Wally increasingly wants to be held, cuddled and belly rubbed.  Here is what we have done to get this remarkable change so very quickly:

First, we stepped up his exercise so we now walk him (in the heeling position at our side or behind  us) at a very fast pace for 45 minutes or more each day.

Second, we have established a routine that after his long walk in mid-morning we go to a particular place in the house, give him one of his favorite treats, then take off his harness, brush him, and put the harness back on while also giving him 3 or 4 more of the treats.  When I first started this routine, I only opened and shut the harness clasp the first couple days while giving him treats.  Then I progressed to undoing the clasp and lifting his leg out of the harness, then putting the leg back in and re-clasping the harness while treating him.  Finally, after about 5 days I removed the harness altogether, brushed him and put the harness back while treating him.  By that time, there was no bad behavior at all and we continue to do this daily without bad behavior.  Indeed, he now literally races upstairs to the room where we always do the brushing whenever he sees me with the brush and I say "Wally, brush."  Obviously, he has come to understand that there is nothing to fear--and, indeed, much to look forward to in the way of his favorite treats.  And, as mentioned above, he now is much more "cuddly" than before and much more eager to be picked up and handled.

By the way, I also recommend that you read (if you haven't already) Cesar Millan's latest book about being your dog's "Pack Leader."  I found much in it--and in his TV program--that helped me with Wally.  Perhaps, most important of all is Millan's emphasis that dog's live in the present AND that the key to changing a dog's bad behavior almost always lies in the owner changing his or her own behavior.  I found that message very encouraging when we were going through the bad times with Wally because it told me that if I changed my behavior I could change Wally's.  I did and his behavior did.  

tuircer wrote at 2008-10-08 13:31:59
Sounds like your dog Alfie has dominated and own the entire family and others because he's cute and people friendly.  He feels he's the alpha/pack leader so he'll hop into laps uninvited and snap, growl and bite when someone plays and pets him without his permission.  A behaviorial trainer is the right person to correct the problem behavior.  The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan has books and dvds on problem behaviors.

Herly wrote at 2010-11-17 02:45:24
i have a dog same to your dog breed... she is really a lot like to your dog but she never bites someone close... because we dont let her go freely in our house we have des cage we put her there and we just let her go if she wanted to play if she tired we put her back... buy him a cage dont let him go freely... because they are all hyper dog breed the jack tzu...

Dewdrops wrote at 2011-07-22 18:51:57
Well if u r gona put the dog to sleep then at least give it another chance. If u hadn't done so already seeing as this was at least two years ago.

kw89 wrote at 2011-08-23 20:03:34
I realize that this was years ago when it was posted but i really hope you didnt put your little doggy down, theres lots of opttions like taking him/her to a training course, they work and I know this from experience.Anyways hope your little one is doing better :)

jo wrote at 2012-07-30 16:43:02
i have the same problem with my 'jack shihTz' as i call it , i cannot manage to train him at all, he is 1 and a half an called alvin, He was playful as a puppy but as he got older he started growling everytime me or anyone in my family try to correct him, he constantly keeps urinating on 'everythig' ! at first we thought it was from changin the washin powders tat he was doin this but if we let him into the house he urinates on t botom of t curtains, cushions, and if clothes are hangin to dry he goes on these too.. wen we tell him tats bolds he growls at us an tat makes me afraid to put my hand near him to slap him on the nose,, i feel so cruel to give him away but feel i have no other option ???  

Onlysexiime69 wrote at 2013-02-24 01:56:36
I have a Jack tzu that there original name..She is great ..She only gets excited when someone comes in or when she wants to go outside. I had her since she wa 8 weeks old now she is 2 ..She likes to run out the door very quickly. Make sure you guys have them secure they will or might never come back ..Mines got lost for a month I went crazy lucky me someone seen my flyer at the vet and returned her. That is one of the biggest problems I had with her.They other was she chewed on everything but she doesn't anymore I guess that was her teething. They using the bathroom stuff. She stop after I started taking her 3 times a day for a walk.They are great pets that requires love.Attention and exercise.  


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