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Terriers/Diff between Jack Russell and Mini Foxy


Philip wrote at 2010-05-14 06:48:33
Mini Fox Terriers are an Australian breed and were developed for farm work. They are very similar to Jack Russells in nature.

chicken wrote at 2010-07-20 06:54:36
We were similarly confused when we got our Mini Fox Terrier pup(native breed in Australia). Checked this website:

bonnie wrote at 2013-01-15 02:55:37
if you live in australia they are mini foxy's , its what theyv always been called - to the person who thinks otherwise .

iv never owned a jackrussel , but iv owned 2 mini foxies before and the temprement will just depend on how you  raise it and what the parents are like . both breeds are little sweet hearted, cute , playful  , smart , energetic and very loyal dogs.  


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I have 10+ yrs rescuing Cairn terriers. Ask me about rescue work and re-homing rescued terriers. I am also proudly owned by a Jack Russell Terrier rescue. I am also keenly aware that terriers are significantly different from other kinds of dogs, and often not the best choice for some owners. HOWEVER I AM NOT A VET! PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME IN-DEPTH MEDICAL QUESTIONS THAT SHOULD BE DIRECTED ONLY TOWARDS MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. I WILL BE HAPPY TO ASSIST WITH BASIC MEDICAL QUESTIONS/NEEDS THAT I CAN OFFER MY PERSONAL OPINION ON. If you ask me questions about breeding, please expect me to be direct about my opinion on this topic.


10+ yrs owning and rescuing cairn terriers. Proudly owned by a Jack Russell Terrier rescue. My JRT is active in being a foster brother, and earthdog and agility events and we're having a blast

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