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My 8 yr old Yorkie constantly licks.  In and out all the time, he will not stop.  He had to have his 4 bottom teeth pulled a few yrs ago because he had a gum disease. But he only does the licking when he is on your lap, which is all the time.  Other wise he is a very good dog.  He has been checked out at the Vets, he is heathly.  Help.

Hi Betty,
Firstly to be a bit more specific, a Yorkie is a Toy breed and not in the terrier group even though it has terrier in the name- like Tibetan terriers are not in the group either.
This is obviously a behavioral issue. Licking can be a passive dominant behavior. Doubt it has anything to do with the dental issue. More like expressing pleasure and gratitude by grooming you back for your attention. You can probably get him to stop if you try hard enough by scolding him with absolute NO commands but I think you may hurt his feelings… the time to have nipped this in the bud was 7 1/2 years ago. You can just keep him off your lap too.
This becomes a kind of neurotic obsession with some dogs- laying their scent down on things they need to possess - if gentle repetitive "no licking" doesn't work- and you must be ABSOLUTELY consistent, put him down.
He will get it.
A good dog is a wonderful thing… licking is by far easier to cope with than say, constant barking - a trait Yorkies are far more associated with.
good luck


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