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I was reading through your profile and saw the question on the overweight Norwich.  I have two Norwich terriers, spayed females, that are overweight.  Mine are 15 and 19 pounds.  The 15 pound girl is small for a Norwich, only 9"x 9". The other is 10" x 11".  You mentioned soaking the food and I was curious what benefit that has to helping reduce the weight? We feed a four-star, grain-free food.
Thank you.

The added water helps to rehydrate the food in order to make them feel more full without the added calories. I was just going over this with a client. The calorie count on his 4 star food was so high it wouldn't matter what you did short of cutting the food back to nothing - check calories. Also check for hypo thyroid because dog with low metabolism also blow up and that is an easy fix by the vet.


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