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I lost my "Jax" after 9 years,one day he appeared on my doorstep hungry and 9 yrs later he passed away from us he was the most wonderful dog I have ever had. I would like another Rat Terrier, female,I am so tired of looking in local shelters and online at classifieds, I don't know where else to look. scared of breeders, my family and I need a rat terrier not to replace Jax but to help our sadness we have alot of love to give.  I am exhausted looking...can you help.  I have also looked at rescue sites also for older terriers.  Thanks Shawnna

I completely understand your predicament - been there several times. Have you looked into breed rescue? Try to start.
I know these groups seem dauntingly particular but it is truly for the animals protection. No boomerang dogs!
I can only say you MUST submit an application and call and cajole and convince. Maybe a foster to start( which often ends up a permenant placement). Go to pet expos as opposed to shelters. Maybe give up that breed idea. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my family with a long haired Chihuaua but she found me at a local show and has been crowned the Princess of the house by all. I had another breed in mind - looked for 3 years and then one day at a Petfair she happened and stole my heart... and my bed! Lol
Don't give up your new dog is waiting for you... With all the love to give back. There are many rat terrier breed rescue sites. They exist for people just like you
Good luck


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