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Terriers/Is cairn/yorkie a good fit


I currently have two Boston's. Young playful male and an older blind female going through chemo. I was considering getting a small dog 6 lb or less primarily for my 12 yr old who just had spinal surgery and cannot lift anything heavy. We also have cats.   I found a cairn/yorkie pup but not sure if this type of dog would be a good mix?

Hi Karen,
Sounds to me like you have your hands full already. Why don't you give your blind dog who is going through this, some down time before you get a a rambunctious puppy that could cause some serious anxiety to this dogs life while not at her best. Dogs tend to smell illness and weakness in others and if they are not old friends it could cause a problem. Wait until she is doing a bit better and your son's health is a little more stable.
A cairn can grow to be 18-25 pounds- and Yorkies can be 12-18 pounds as well. Unless this is a full grown adult I would be very wary of getting a cute puppy that could end up being a much larger dog than you were anticipating.
A mix is unpredictable at best... never heard of this mix before, but having terriers you know they can be full of stubborn behaviors. Yorkies are barkers and cairns have a wiry coat that drops twice a year unlike your Bostons or a yorkies so who knows what you will end up with.
Just be sure you want all the extra work of a puppy now.
Good luck


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