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Terriers/Fighting between our two Yorkshire Terrier females


Tina mills wrote at 2012-11-27 22:01:49

I'm from Middlesex area .

I have 3 Maltese boys and 2 Maltese girls all get on perfect

I also have 2 yorkies both girls ,one of them is 6 and the other is 3 .

At first yes they got on ,but just after Christmas this year the bickering started and yes neck to neck fights ,not only was this heart wrenching and upsetting for me and the dogs , I did much research ,before I got my second yorkie I spoke to breeders and was old they would be fine ,hence since looking deeper into the behaviour ,now the breeders are saying no not 2 girls together , in this breed ....once they draw bloodied  that's it ,my 2 girls are separated ,one in the main house and the other in my work room area ,so sad , I split my time between the 2 ......which is no way to live ,they seem happy enough though and unaffected by this ,they not been together for neatly one year , they have crossed paths once , and they snarled and barked ,they just do not like one another , I do not believe once this has happened that you can change things , I would never get 2 yorkie girls again ...

My Maltese get one perfect ,but then it's a totally different breed .all together I have 7 ...summer is worse as I can't have my 7 beautifully dogs with me altogether it's separate time for 2 of them ....they each mix very well with the Maltese ....


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