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We are anticipating a move from Atlanta to Austin.  My boys are ages 9,7 & 5 and are heavily involved in sports; mainly football, basketball and baseball.  I want to make sure our move is parallel.  I'm having a hard time researching which private schools are top performing in athletics as well as private schools that are integrating technology into their curriculum and classrooms.  The current school they attend has my Pre-K boy on an iPad.
We are visiting Austin in January, but I want to have this knowledge now so I know which schools to schedule a visit.

I am not as familiar with private schools as I am with public schools, especially in elementary school level.  Opinion on private schools vary quite a bit.  I suspect it may have to do with the school's religious affiliation and family's religion/value and ability to pay.  St. Stephen's Episcopal School is highly regarded, but I think they have 6th -12th grade only.

If you are wiling to consider public schools, Eanes ISD is the best.
I don't know about elementary schools, but its high school (Westlake High) hands out iPad to its students.  I heard they need to return it or buy at lower cost at the end of the school or graduation.  

I am afraid I won't be much help in your very specific search on private elementary schools, regarding technology and athletics. Google "private elementary schools in Austin, TX" returned several hits.  Check them out.  Town and Country in NW Austin is a well-known sports league that offers all the sports you mentioned.  It is not affiliated with any school or school district.  It is open to public.

Sorry I couldn't be much of help.  Good luck in your search, and welcome to Austin.


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I am not a native Austinite, but lived in Austin since 1989. I certainly can not answer everything there is to know about Austin, but can give you a candid answer/opinion based on first-hand experience. I decided to volunteer (or pretend to be an expert) since there is no Austin "expert" in this site.


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