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you ar so sweet, please keeptrying to work on this clue!  thx so much..happy holidays!
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I have a question thats in a clue form, and darn it, I'm having a hard time!  Hope you can help, here goes:

After so many years they wore down the floor,
Put a new one in and scuffed it some more.
You swing with me, I swing with you.
We're almost where we want to go,
It sounds alot like the word casino.
No poker and no roulette,
You can't come here to gamble or bet.
Now don't stop and begin to flaunt-
Name this here bar and restaurant.

I know it's a hard question/clue in rhyming form, must really read closely.  I have a hunch that it is in Austin.  I read something about 6th st, and Congress Ave, that area.  Remember that they went to the dance place first, then drove on the avenue to get to this bar and restaurant that sounds like the word casino?  I also heard something about the dance place replaced their floor in 1998.  

Have a good day!  anxious to hear from you!

I must confess I am completely lost here.  Totally stumped.

Sorry. I have been over the 6th street age for quite some time.  I will ask some of the younger friends, but don't hold your breath.  I gotta find someone who can remember the 6th St. goings-on from 8 years ago.  Hmmm....  Tough one.  If I find a potential answer, I will post it.  Otherwise, I will stand stumped and humbled.

It's been loooong while, and it is probably too late now, but here we go...
I was at the 6th Street last week for the first time in many years, and saw this.

Casino El Camino Bar & Grill
517 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701

Is this the answer?


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I am not a native Austinite, but lived in Austin since 1989. I certainly can not answer everything there is to know about Austin, but can give you a candid answer/opinion based on first-hand experience. I decided to volunteer (or pretend to be an expert) since there is no Austin "expert" in this site.


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