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Hi Frederick,

Firstly thanks for all the answers provided on this platform. It really clarified a lot of my doubts.
I wanted to know about the design calendar. Designers should work on which season's prints during what months of the year? (if they want to sell through agents or at trade shows)

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Sarah,

  Hopefully this will simplify things for you. Keep in mind that this is not an exact science and I'm throwing in lots of my own opinions based upon my own experience.

It used to be more formal. Designers used to work one year ahead of the season. Now it's more like six months.  FYI: Some designers work even closer to the season.

January - March is Spring
March - June used to be called spectator season. But now spectator and Spring is considered one season.  Spectator prints are stripes dots & geometrics done in black & whites with either red yellow or  azure blue. So always include stripes dots & geometrics in your spring line.

Summer is from June to August
Transition is from Summer to Fall (August to October) however presently Summer and Transition have become one season too.  If the colors are mid-tone to dark grounds they are considered transition.

Fall (Oct to January) usually has less prints. Part of fall is holiday which is always jewel tones with lots of metallic's which of course have do with Christmas & newyears.  


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