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Hi Frederick,

I come from a fashion design background, but have now changed my career path to be more textile design specific. I've been looking for assistant textile design jobs but seems its been a bit more of a challenge as I don't have textile specific experience. So in the mean time, I figured I would try to freelance and sell my current prints by networking as best as I can.

However, I understand how important presentation can be when displaying my prints. I wanted to have my prints on fabric to show potential clients instead of just on paper. I remember a textile agency at a brand I used to work for came in and showed their prints on beautiful fabrics that really helped to conceptualize how good the print looks on actual fabric/potential garments.
I tried to print my designs at Spoonflower, however their fabric selection was not that great. Do you know of any other sites/companies that one could use for large fabric swatch prints such as this?

Also, I am currently displaying my prints on my Coroflot portfolio site. However I wanted to see if there were any other recommendations you had as far as a site in which one should display work for purchase? I don't really know how to set up my own webpage, and am looking for a site in which can be easy to set up and feature my work but not look like such a "portfolio".



Hi again Shanna,

  I'm not an expert on everything however I'll answer you as best I can.
For research on printable fabric I recommend going to Dharma's websight: Dharma's
Phone # is 800-542-5227.

  I have a websight however Almost every contact I've had
has been through cold phonecalls or trade shows such as Surtex (in NY)or premierevision (also in NY)
or Indigo (in Paris).

Yes, cold phone calls are tough and trade shows are an endurance test however these are the best ways I've found for people to establish themselves.

Take care,


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