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dan wrote at 2012-12-13 14:47:15
Hey Anatoly,

It's been a while since you asked for thaļ paintings but it might help others...

Check out the galeries on Thanon Silom down towards the river. Aside from interesting modern galeries, you will find traditional style paintings galeries, a bit expensive though.

Chatuchak Market, North of Bangkok, Mo Chit skytrain station. Plenty of artists display their work... Huge market.

Forget about Khao San Road and Rambutri, it's of poor quality.

Other than that, art schools ; students would be happy to make a bit of money.

Check on the internet, some artists - not much though - have a website. And by the way, check ours if you like We do work upon order too.

But don't forget, if you are not familiar with Thai style, that'd be a good thing to visit museums and temples to get an idea of what it really looks like before buying ;o)




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