I'm looking into how easy or hard is it for me to set a business up in Thailand, Bali,Indonesia.
I'm looking into setting up my own scuba driving business. its not going to be for a few years, but i would like to try and get enough information now to know where i stand.

Hi Phil - I am not a scuba diver but hopefully I can offer you some helpful advice on Thailand. First, as surely you know, there are plenty of people doing this, though tourism is a growing business here. If you have not been here, it would be important to come and see what others offer and how much they charge and make some sort of evaluation of the business.

There are definitely specific Thai laws for foreigners setting up a business here. The positive side is that owning a business will give you a work visa to stay here. There are also many unique challenges to living and doing business in this culture. There are books on the subject of doing business in Thailand and that as well as googling and asking questions on some of the forums might be a good place to start getting info...

Sorry, I have no specific knowledge on Scuba but hope this will give you a start...

Best, ken


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