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Dear Sir,

Do you have some favorite toy shops in Bangkok where you can find good toys for your children?

I have visited Siam and Siam Discovery Center. Apparently in MBK and central World, there are some.

Is there any other place that you can recommend? I came from England, so i would prefer buying something special, rather than Chinese-made toys which are also available in London.


I would try one of the markets, such as Chatuchak, known as JJ or the weekend market [ all names for the same market ] which is sprawling and likely to have anything. You would be best off to look in the "antique" area though most things there are reproductions. You might find some handmade wooden toys that were likely made in Chiang Mai.

You could also find this type of item on the lower section of Sukhumvit Road between soi 3 and 7 but these are tourist shops and the prices will be higher - either way, there will be room to bargain and you might even start at 50% off asking price, hoping for 25-30% off.

During my time living in Bkk I did at some points see small independently owned toy shops, usually on side streets, often shops that were run by people who loved toys more than business and kept irregular hours. These places would pop up and be gone a few years later. You might try and google "toy shops Bangkok" and see what you find - but surely call first to make sure they will be open.

Good luck.  


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