I will be in phuket the next February 22 for 6 night.I want to know in which aerea is better to sleep.A lot of people said me that is good to stay near patong beach because in I love the nightlife.
Could you recommend me 5 * hotel no far (no than more 30 minutes)to this place.Or you recommend me another place??

Hi Fabiana -

Phuket is a large island with many upscale hotels and many many tourists as well. The center for the nightlife is certainly Patong and the downside tradeoff is that it is quite crowded. But here is what I would recommend. If I were going to be down there, I would go to or any of the internet hotel discounting sites and shop there for a hotel. Browse around at available hotels. They will have many. And look at the recent reviews which will really give you up to date information. It will also save you a good bit of money too as the prices are discounted.

The hotel advs. should also tell you how far it is to Patong or if it is right in Patong. They usually have maps on the individual advertisements as well. When you are there, your hotel will likely have a travel desk where you can book day tours out to Phi Phi Island and other attractions as well. Enjoy your visit.  


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