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QUESTION: I will be at the new Southern Bus Station in Bangkok, and want to take the BTS (Skytrain) to Victory Monument. From the bus station, I could get a taxi to the closest BTS station? What is that station ; I hear that it is close to the National Stadium. Or, what is your suggestion? Thanks.

ANSWER: Hello,

I am not familiar with this terminal myself, but my general advice for Bangkok is to go from A to B with a taxi, unless you are near some other good means of public transport (BTS, Express Boat, Metro etc.).
As I have seen from maps, this terminal is not near to any BTS station.
By taking a taxi to BTS, then taking the skytrain, and then having to walk or having to take a third means of transport, you make things really complicated and probably expensive.
Taxis in Bangkok are not expensive. You pay a starting fee of 35 Baht and then a (low) price per km (minute).

So my advice is simply: take a taxi at the bus terminal and go in that taxi wherever you want to go. That is the easiest, fastest and probably the cheapest way.
There will always be taxis at the bus terminal. As far as I know, nowadays there are only taxis with a meter in Bangkok. If not, take another one and if the driver wants to use a fixed price instead of the meter: refuse!

Rene Hasekamp.

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QUESTION: In addition: I will be at the floating market outside of Bangkok, and would need transportation to return to Bangkok. Are there vans that one can take from the market to the Victory Monument area? I do believe a local bus would be to difficult. Over to you.


There is certainly a bus service between the Floating Market (Damnoen Saduak) and Bangkok. From everywhere there is public transport to Bangkok! But I can give you no details from my own experience. I went there - like almost all tourists - by tour. (I wonder how you will get there if not from Bangkok.)

What I read elsewhere on the internet (from late 2012), and which seems reliable, is that there is a bus #78 from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal, to the Floating Market and back, leaving every 40 minutes.

So try to find out, while at te Floating Market, where bus #74 leaves and you will get to Bangkok, although not to the Victory Monument. From the bus terminal to the Victory Monument I would take a taxi.

Rene Hasekamp.


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