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Hello George.
I wrote you last Fall while planning a trip to Thailand. You game me a lot of help. Unfortunately, my wife became ill and we had to cancel our trip at the last minute. We are again planning to go to Thailand and are considering September. We know that September is not the dry season, but would like an idea about how much rain to expect. I have read that the average in Hua Hin is about 5.4 inches in Sept., but overcast a lot. How is the beach during this period? Are we likely to get at least a couple of hours of sun most days?

I have also read that Bangkok gets about 12 inches in Sept. Should we expect short, heavy thunderstorms daily, or light rain for long periods? Or is it just miserable that month?

One more question, I would think rooms would be easily secured in most hotels on short notice at that time.  It this correct.

I appreciate any info and advice you can give me.

Thanks again.


Hi Doyice,

Nice to hear from you again.

Hua Hin of course has a moderate climate as apposed to most other popular tourist areas in Thailand, so very few if any instances of extremes. It has for example a lot less rain than Phuket during the same period for instance.  In fact, it has its own micro climate which is one of the reasons it is becoming so popular. September indeed falls within the rainy season and you will experience rain while here for sure and also many days that are over cast. However, just like I can guarantee rain during your time here I can also guarantee lots of time without rain. In fact, I will go as far as to say much more time with no rain than time with rain, unless you strike it unlucky. You will have lots of cloud, but will also have enough sunshine relative to the season. In short, the rainy season and September is not a dreary time seeing days with rain falling from morning till evening ever day.

In Bangkok you will also see more thunder showers lasting an hour or two at a time. It can come down quite hard in Bangkok, but as you mentioned, two or sometimes even three one hour bursts.

The possibility for room availability in September in Hua Hin is also higher than other periods.

Hope this helps,

Best regards


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