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Disclosure: I'm an AllExpert volunteer for a different subject, so thanks in advance for your help. I know what goes into it and appreciate it.

I'm traveling to Thailand in mid-March. I'll be packing very light since it's so hot and since I don't want to carry bags, but I'm allowed 2 checked bags. With my second checked bag I plan to bring gifts for those hosting us from the US. Are there any packaged foods or gifts that Thai folks who have been to the US might miss? For example, when my niece lived in Japan, she missed peanut butter and Oreos. I might bring some coffee table books of photos of the US. Maybe some dollar store squirt guns for kids.

Difficult question to answer, but you have more experience than I do with Thailand and any thoughts would be appreciated.

All 10s and nomination for any assistance!

My apologies for the delay, Matt! More than your average work week.

Interesting, and as Thailand gets more "Western" or at least acquires more foreign shopping malls, gift buying is an increasingly more difficult dilemma. Part of it depends on what economic class your Thai friends are in, though I'm assuming, if they visited the States, not poor.

There tends to be a high brand consciousness. And what you bring depends on how much you want to spend. Watches like Fossil or Guess (or even Swatch) might be nice. (A little boxed gift from Tiffany's, if you're going upscale. Or a cut crystal vase.) For foods, I can't think of what they can't get, except better chocolate (available, but can be expensive). If they drink, a liquor like Courvoisier. Coffee table books of US photos may be nice. For kids, we usually find that Slinkys are very popular and high bounce rubber balls.

Hope this helps a little. And once again, sorry for the wait!
Have fun,
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I know a lot of nooks and crannies. I know the name and prices for most Chiangmai hotels/guesthouses, as well as many in Bangkok (from basic to luxurious). I even spent a day in Bangkok visiting the grand dames--Oriental, Regent, Sukothai, Peninsula, Shangri-la, Sheraton Royal Orchid. (My top three would be the Oriental, Peninsula and Regent.) I can guide the adventurous through Thai and Chinese hawker food, or direct them to royal Thai food and elegant dimsum. I have visited almost all the grand monuments (including Chiang Saen, Sukothai, Ayutthaya, Phimai, Phanom Rung, Bangkok temples) and even have recommendations on photo excursions to picturesque old wooden temples in Chiangmai. I also know little-publicized sites like the Prasart Museum outside Bangkok, one wealthy man`s splendid obsession. (I can also recommend the best guide books.)


I've traveled the length and breadth of Thailand, lived with locals, purchased crafts, eaten the local food...overcome a 20 yr. span...for as much as two months a year.

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