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I'm an American flying from Thailand to Cambodia in March. Will I need to pre-purchase my visa online ($37) for Cambodia, or is it an easy and risk-free process once I land in Cambodia ($20)? I haven't found a definitive answer on this, but some sites say all you have to do is show up in Cambodia with a USD $20 and you're in, as long as you're not from Iraq or Iran.

Any recommendations would be helpful.

If you don't know about travel to Cambodia, just let me know.


Hello Matt sorry I cannot really answer that question with
definitive answers however let me pass you on to there you will find a forum and just type in your travel question and you should see some history posts in terms of your questions if not you can easily start your own post...
Regards Rolfe


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Rolfe Foxwell


Hello, I am an American retired in Thailand for 2 years living about 2 hours south of Bangkok. It is a beautiful country offering so much starting with the friendliness of the people. I can help you on basic traveling or living questions for coming to Thailand and generally what to expect.


I have retired in Thailand for close to 2 years and can answer general questions about living here from costs to what to expect and how to prepare for your travel.

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