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Thermodynamics/Would octaoxygen with dicyanoacetylene make the hottest flame?


Bob BSEEret & welding hobbiest wrote at 2014-02-02 06:09:17
In any pure oxygen supported flame and in an Oxy-acetylene neutral(stoichiometric) or equal parts oxygen and Acetylene=C2H2 the only by products are C02 and water, hence this is the only self shielding "GAS" welding  process. However in an oxidizing flame of any type fuel gas including carbon-subnitride=C4N2 the byproducts would include some Oxygen as well as C02 and possibly some residual Cyanide??? but no water vapor as there is no Hydrogen in C4N2. I have also wondered why C4H2 has never been used in industry as the high flame temperature would make it nearly as hot as TIG welding and might fit some not "electrical" welding necessity. I also did not know that 03 was not stable.

Bob wrote at 2014-02-02 06:20:41
As to the assertion the an Oxy-Acetylene flame has a dangerous amount of UVB this is not true at all. While there is some UVA in that beautiful little "Blue-White" reducing flame cone the damaging UVB from Oxy-Fuel welding or cutting comes from the

UVB radiation caused be the "intensely white hot" (2700-3200F) metal (steel/alloy)undergoing welding & Iron burning-cutting.  


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