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Thermodynamics/Coke - and a nail.


Have you ever heard ' Will coke brake a nail '? That's what me and my friend are doing for our science project. And well we have a few questions and it would greatly help us if you answered them' thanks, here they are:

Will it work?
What materials will we need?
What chemicals are in the product ' coke '?
What is the best type of nail to use for this project? ( metal )
What will be a good soda to use along with it? ( to see how long it takes and/or if it will brake. )
Do you this is a good science project?

Thanks, by the way we are in the 8th grade. And we are also 13.

I presume you mean "dissolve" a nail.  Soft drinks are slightly acidic and probably would
affect a nail but might take longer than you have to spend on your project.  If you have a way to weigh nails accurately, you could try several different types of nails in several different sodas for a few weeks and see if the nails lose weight.  The problem is the acidity will change as the carbon dioxide leaves the solution.  


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