Good morning sir,
I want use this medium to say a big thank you for your last answers to my questios.

I am presently having difficulty with some self practice exercises on STEADY FLOW ENERGY EQUATION PROBLEMS, I was able to solve some and unable to solve other. I would really appriciate if you can direct me or provide me with some online site that can either guild me or provide me with files or tutorial on THERMODYNAMICS.

One of the exercises is;
1) A steady flow system loses 3kW of heat and at the same time loses 20kW of work. The fluid flows through the system at a steady rate of 70kg/s. The velocity at inlet is 20m/s and at outlet it is 10m/s. The inlet is 20m above the outlet. Calculate the following:
i) the change in kinetic energy per second,
ii) the change on potential energy per second, and
iii) the change in enthalpy per second.

Hi Godspower,
I have not got the time to answer this in detail. yiu should go to your text book(s) and
i) find the equation for kinetic energy then calculate how much per second.
ii) find the equation for potential energy and ditto.
iii) you get the picture.

I hope this helps a little.
Best wishes,


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