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Thermodynamics/Portable Microwave Oven Model Design.


Dear Kevin

Is it possible to design and construct a Portable Microwave oven product which may be useful to carry while travelling by vehicle viz car, jeep etc ?.

Since it is portable, it will be battery operated - secondary source of energy as well as the portable oven's weight has to be considered. Power - battery voltage, current required for the microwave oven has to be calculated.

Also considerations will be whether all the microwave  functions can be embedded in this mini portable microwave oven model.

The Portable Microwave oven can be placed in a briefcase while transit.

Is it feasible to construct this product ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,
It is perfectly possible to make a portable microwave oven, they have them in aircraft.

The problem is they use a large amount of power. My microwave oven emits 700 W in the oven and draws 1.2 kW at the plug, at 240 V this is 5 A. (W = A x V) 0n a 12 V car system this would draw 100 A. An average car battery has 50 Ah (amp hours) available thus the micro wave would drain it completely flat in 30 mins.

I hope this helps
Best wishes.


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