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Is the following right the reason I ask is because I read a paper online thst said you can get 50 liters or 1.76 cuft of ammonia gas from 1 liter of ammonium hydroxide.

i have a solution of ammonia hydroxide 16oz at room temp 65f that has a concentration of 28 percent ammonia. I want to know how much ammonia gas in cubic feet I can get from that solution.

Following is the reason:

OK, so I will look up the density. It is 0.89 g/mL.  I'll use 1L for the volume.

0.89 g/mL X 1000mL = 890g NH3

890g / 17 g/mol = 52.35 mols


1atm X V = (291K)(0.082)(52.35)

1249L of NH3 gas = 44 cuft (theoretical if you isolated the entire amount).

Hi Emmanuel,

This is slightly wrong. You have assumed the the density of the solution (0.89 g/ml) is the cocentration of NH3 in solution. It is actually 28% ammonia (NH3) in water.

1L of solution will have 28% of 890g of NH3g. Or 249.2g.

The rest of your reasoning is correct.

Be carefull if you try to make this gas in practice I once cleared a building with ammonia gas.
It is also flammable above 15% in air.

I hope this helps.
Best wishes.


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