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Thermodynamics/ambient water cooling


Is it possible to have a closed loop radiator system filled with ambient temp. water, cooled with ambient air via fan on radiator and achieve cooler water temperatures than that of the ambient room temperature itself?

example: radiator closed loop is run to a Heat source of 100 degrees F. The ambient room temperature is 95 degrees F. The water in the closed loop of the radiator starts off as 95 degrees F before it is introduced to the 100 degree F source. Now once everything is hooked up and running. Would a ambient air cooled radiator be able to cool the steadily increasing 95>100 degree F water to 94 degree F or lower? Using only Ambient room temp of 95 degree F?

Hi Randy,

Put simly No.

You cannot cool anything below the temperature of the coolant. Even worse, pumping a fluid around a radiator will put heat in (mechanical equivalent). Usuall you cannot even get close to the coolant temperature due to this.

If you spray water into the cooling air, evaporation of water will take heat out and you will get lower temperatures of the air and thus the fluid in the radiator.

I hope this helps.
Best wishes.


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