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Thermodynamics/energy harvesting from body


Dear expert.
I have read that there is alot of techs which could harvest energy from body heat.
I don't know how much could be get from the energy from body heat.
pls. explain me which is possible or not.

If there is very little materials (1-2cm hair sized) which could harvest from the evergy from the body heat.
does it have enough power to run GPS system (receiving signal or send signals).. if there is no battery to keep the energy..

until todays tech. how much could we get energy from the body heat.(such little materials)
Thank you very much.

Hi Terry,

The best energy generators from the human body are found in self-winding watches. Either to wind a spring or, in more modern types, to recharge a battery or capacitor (See self-winding watches in Wikipedia for details). There are other attempts using temperature differences but have not really got into mass production. On current tech running a watch seems to be thw maximum power useage so a satnav is propably out of range just now.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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