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Sir I asked you in my previous mail 4 weeks ago that why everthing is classified as matter because already which we have classified into matter they are classified into resources,materials, substances. So you replied---:

Scientist only concern themselves with reproducible phenomina (so NOT dreams, imagination, feelings, other-worldly stuff like religions). The universe is not all classified as matter. There is matter and forces.

Forces are such things as light (actually all electro-magnetic radiation), gravity, electricity, magnetism, mechanical force and forces that are concerned with nuclear forces inside atoms.

Matter has three simple sorts, liquid, solid and gas (there are others such as plasma etc.). When any matter is chemically analysed, it is always made up of a few of the chemical elements of which commonly there are about 110 stable ones.

Sir but from this I am not able to understand that the things which we have classified as matter , they are classified on the basis many concepts then , why there was a need to classify things into matter is my question.

Sorry if you feel that i am irritaing to you.But this is the confusion , first iam not able to say my confusion properly because i was hesitating to ask but now iam confident .So iam once again sorry if i am irritating you behind one concept.


Think about it.

There is space.
There is matter.
There are forces.

Matter occupys space.
Forces act upon matter.

Why there is a need to classify things into matter is because matter is not space and not a force: Therfore it is matter.

This is what is called axiomatic. Thus it cannot be questioned it just is.

Best wishes.


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