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Hi!  I recently had a follow up test on my Anti-TPO Abs and am worried.  My recent test of this antibody increased from 6,208 in May of this year, to 8,813 5 days ago.  I have seen an endocrinologist, but am having a hard time finding answers as no one seems to know what this indicates, and no one that I have talked to has ever seen a result this high.  Autoimmune diseases are VERY prevalent in my family and I am worried as to what this test result may indicate.  I have already been diagnosed with hypothyroid and am on Synthroid.  Any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated!  I am asking this question of you due to the answer you gave on a previous question saying that you have seen this test result in 1,000, but still nothing close to what mine is.

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Actually the amount of anti-TPO antibodies indicate the magnitude of iflammation and the magnitude of attack on thyroid gland by the antibodies. Higher count of antibodies means you will need to increase the dose of thyroxine frequently to maintain TSH in range as thyroid gland is failing rapidly due to attack on it. In a person whose antibody count is lesser means it will take 20-30 years for his thyroid gland to stop working completely. But ultimately in all the patients who are positive for antibodies one or the other day thyroid will would give up. That day your body will be totally dependent on the thyroxine supplement. All it signifies is how rapidly thyroid is going to give up. And definitely the count is high in people with familial auto immune disorders sue to genetic predisposition.

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