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hi dr. kulkarni, i have a problem.  It seems that my thyroid is affected by lithium and it is also putting alot of weight on me. before lithium i was 210 pounds and afterward 20 years later i am 340 pounds. i eat the same number of calories before lithium as well as afterward 20 years later. my question to you is:  what kind of a diet or weight loss method do you go on to lose weight and what kind of eating pattern do you  follow.

age 40
weight 340 pounds
height 6'

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Though you are suffering from lithium induced hypothyroidism, the dieting method is similar to diet followed by any other healthy person. Here you should not stop lithium treatment. But try to compensate the scarcity of thyroid hormones by taking right dose of thyroxine. Should keep tsh between 0.3-3. Calculate your bmr and calories required to maintain current weight and cut down minimum of 500 calories a day. If you dont know how to calculate the above things then contact me I will tell you. Also do not consume less than 1200 calories a day in attempt to loose weight rapidly. Try to avoid eating cabbage and gluten foods. If u need any other info please contact.

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