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I would like to know as to what blood test would I need to do to check my Thyroid levels.
I had my Thyroid destroyed via radio active treatment about 3 years ago and i have taking Eltroxin tablets since. Everything seems to be okay but I just wanted to do a test to see if everything is in order. I did do a test over a year ago but cant remember if it was a T4 test. I would like to know if i should just do a T4 test, I heard there is something like a TSH test. Sorry im not too familiar with these terms.
I am currently not on a medical aid scheme so would like to know which is the cheapest way to do this, since i would have to pay.
Lastly i would like to know if i wanted to have my daughter of 16 years of age do a Thyroid test, which one would she need ? A full TSH - T3- T4 ?

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Hello Bruno!
Warm welcome to you!
Please get the following tests done(for you):

For your daughter initially only TSH test is enough. Is there is any variation in the reports then we could have the other tests done. Why to waste money unnecessarily?

Thanking you!

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