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I have had PH for 3 years diagnosed by echo only (Pulmonary Hyertension) My RSVP is 60 and has remained at that. I have sleep apnea and use pap but pressure has not lowered. Now 2 nodules of 2 cm and 1.8 have been found on my thyroid. I read the following and wonder if it could be the cause of my high PH. If so, does treating the thyroid help the PH?

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The link you mentioned is of a research paper submitted and it needs further validation through blind clinical trials. So till now all we know is an increased level of thyroid hormone can cause systemic hypertesion. But this can happen in only patients who are not receiving the treatment. As the abstract mentions, the cardio-vascular changes are reversible when the patient starts with the treatment.

So onething is, its very rare that increased levels of thyroid hormones can cause only cause pulmonary hypertension. And when the patient is on thyroid treatment its obvious that the pulmonary hypertension symptoms will disappear.

Yes if you treat the thyroid it may reduce pulmonary hypertension.
But if you are already on thyroid medications and still experiencing PH symptoms then the reason for PH may be something else. But as you have mentioned, sleep apnea can cause pulmonary hypertension. How many years back your thyroid problems started?

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