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Thyroid Problems/help understanding thyoid results /possibility for malignancy


Ok so instead of worrying to death I decided to ask on here what all this means cause my dr is not very informative . I am 27 years I have a history of osteogenesis imperfecta so over 300 broken bones so many xrays and scans done with obvious exposure to radiation .
My thyroid scan results as follows ...
Right lobe length 6.1 cm AP2.8cm transverse 2.8 cm volume 20.4cc enlarged moderately heterogeneous echotexture isthmus .09cm enlarged
Left lobe length 6.6 cm AP 2.4 cm transverse 2.8cm volume 23.1 enlarged moderately heterogeneous echotexture  isthumus 0.9 cm enlarged
Nodule 1. Side right location lower pole length 1.0 cm ap 0.5 cm transverse 0.7 cm volume 0.2 cc appearance solid composition smooth margins horizontal shape capsular central blood flow no calcifications
My tsh is 0.84uiu/ml so normal as far as symptoms I am extremely tired swelling in my neck my neck hurts and I am horse sounding when I talk allot I have difficulty swallowing and breathing sometimes when laying . down . I have also recently in the past month started with a increased heart rate of 120 bpm at rest it will drop to high ninteys while immobile but when standing or changing positions it jumps to high 120s and I get dizzy .the er said it was due to lack of volume so pumped me full of fluids but the symptoms remained the same . Sent home and reffered to primary care . Any thoughts would be helpful the dr at er suggested hashimodos but my thyroid levels have remained stable +/- 4 yrs can u have hashimodos with normal thyroid levels

Hello Amy,
Warm welcome to you!
Your symptoms like sallowing and breathing difficulties, tiredness, are due to the thyroid swelling(goitre) and the thyroid nodule. Since the nodule is size is less than 1cm no need for immediate thyroidectomy. But if the pressure on oesophagus and trachea is life threatening then you can have it done now itself. I think even the increased heart rate is due to a hyperactive thyroid. I understand TSH is still in normal range. But this could mean that its subclinical.

Yes it could be 'hasimotos thyroiditis' if you are positive for antithyroid antibodies. You can have hashimotos with normal t3 and t4. As sometimes it can be subclinical. Anyway if the heart rate remains high even after thyroidectomy then it could be inappropriate sinus tachycardia or POTS.

I dont think you need to worry so much as the condition is completely treatable.

Thanking you!

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