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Thyroid Problems/I have a problem with my heart.


my thyroid result
my thyroid result  
the medication receit
the medication receit  
QUESTION: Hi Dear doctors how are you doing?

First of all, I want to say my appreciation to you and clinic center.
I do apologize that my English not well enough.
In these days my heart is bothering me, so I decided to contact with you.
I am Fayzoollo Umarov was born in 22 of Dec in 1982 in Uzbekistan. I was in US from 2007 through 2009 by worldwidefarmers exchange program. I began my working experience in SD, Sioux Falls. As it was cold, my heart bothered me badly, and decided to visit the doctor. I have been serviced by emergency Sanford clinic center. About 5 or 6 doctors checked me and gave me result that I was healthy and my heart was well, but the other day I got a message that I have to come to clinic center and have problem with thyroid.
Than I went to Sanford diabetes and thyroid which situated in 1310 W. 22 nd Street Sioux Falls, SD 57105. Vishal Bhatia, MD gave me pills and put me in some kind of vacuum and checked dots on monitor. These procedures lasted about 5 or 6 days. As my English ability was poor at that time, I couldn’t understand him well, and wrote me the prescription toprol XL by 50 mg. I got pills at that time.
Here I am sending my custom requisition, my drugs receipt and the paper that once Dr Bhatia wrote me the prescriptions name in scanned version.

I would like to know what the main problem with my thyroid is, do I need some pills or surgery, the ingredients of the drug that I could find that kind of drug in my country. I am not sure that our medical service could give me the right prescription that is not developed enough, because they are giving me shots for my heart bothering.

The most thing that I want you to know, my heart bothers me when I get cold, when it begins I usually put my hands on it, and when I worm or massage it a little it stops.

i am writing to the doctors, but they not responding me, that is why i've decided to write to you.

Thank you for helping me on my health condition, and taking of your valuable time.   I will wait for response. Bless you.

Sincerely yours
Fayzoollo Umarov

ANSWER: Hello Fayzoollo,
Warm welcome to you!
You have included two pictures with the mail. One is about the label of medication and prescription by Dr. Bhatia. Another pic is the labarotary receipt for testing TSH and FT4. So you have not sent me the reports of the tests.

By above pictures what I can predict is Dr.Bhatia had tested your thyroid gland back in 2008. But the medicine he has prescribed is anti-hypertensive and anti-anginal drug. That means TOPROL XL (Generic name : Metoprolol) is given for patients who have high blood pressure problem. Its also used in cardiac arrhythmias(abnormalities in beating of heart), acute Myocardial Infraction and angina pectoris.

I can not pin point why the drug was prescribed. Because I dont have any of your lab reports. But my guess is it could be 'Coronary Ischemia'(Blockage of blood vessels supplying heart). If you have any recent reports please send me. Other than that I dont see any medicines given for thyroid problems. So you dont have to worry about thyroid.

My recommendation is you take the TOPROL XL daily. It is cardio-protective(good for heart). And if possible get your Blood Prssure monitored. You can get lipid profile and ECG done to check how healthy your heart is. This will clarify your doubt regarding heart problems.

What is your weight and height? Are you experiencing any thyroid related symptoms at present? What shots are they giving you for heart problem? How regularly its given?

Thanking you!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am so appreciated, that i got a respond to my question.
How far i understand, i've got to get my lab reports, if i will connect with those doctors and get my lab reports, would i be able to find to my health problem, i mean as i on above my bothers me when its cold. The doctors that gave me shots in my country, name of them'dicloberl, gumizol, melbec forte, minovazin. i dont know, may be those medications doesnt match with yours. but doctors in my country told me that i caught cold with heart venas. Anyway thank you so much, but nowadays as we have winter i m afraiding again. the medication toprol doesnt exist in our farmacies, thats why i would like to know the ingredients of that drug may be it doesnt help me

Thank you again

Hello Fayzoollo Umarov!
Either you can collect your old reports from your doctors or you can get them done freshly if possible. Both ways we can diagnose what is bothering your heart. As I suspected ealier your problem could be a blockage of heart vessels (Coronary Ischemia). Dicloberl(diclofenac) is a pain killer. Gumizol is also used in pain management. Menovazin is a topical anesthetic which is again used in pain management. You can use atenolol, propranolol instead of toprol. Depending upon the severity of hypertension you may need diuretics like hydrochlorthiazide.

Thanking you!

Have a great day.

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