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Thyroid Problems/excessive sleepiness


respected doctor,
i am writing to you about my problem to get an endocrinology review,
i was diagnosed with hashimoto thyroiditis 3 years back, since then i am on treatment and regular testing of harmones levels which are normal.
since few years now, i have been having sleep disturbances, i have a full night's sleep of usually 6 hours, and oftenly a nap of 1 hour. however, i still have uncontrollable bouts of sleep during the day, i never fell totally asleep yet, but become drowsy and my eyes become sunken, this is almost happening daily now, even during my work, and also after having full sleeps.
i have tried  Epworth Sleepiness Scale and my result ranges from 11 to 13,
does it need an endocrinology review?
thank you

Dear Sana,
You are welcome!
Definitely though the hormone levels are in the range doesnt mean they are in adequate quantity for you. So the dosage n medicines should be chosen based on how patient feels rather than sticking to lab results. please send latest lab results you have. Also mention what medications you are on.

Thyroid Problems

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