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Thyroid Problems/tsh report shows hypo but symptoms shows hyper.


QUESTION: Hello doctor

I am swati and my age is 31 years.thyroid is detected during my pregnancy.after one year the problem is still there.I m continuing the medicine thyrox 50 mcg.before one month I had left the medicine.again I went for my blood test from thyrocare and the report is as follows:
T3: 157
T4: 11.6
TSH : 11.74

Doctor my weight has decreased by 2kgs in two month and now my wieght is 50 kg physician has advised me consult endocrinologist as he find some controversy in my please advise some medicine so that I can cope up with the problem.

ANSWER: Hi Swati,
Good morning, and very warm welcome!
First of all did the thyroid problem arise during preganancy or after child birth? Was it a normal delivery or C Section? Also please send your height. Are you on any other medication except thyrox 50? Did your physician order only these 3 tests? T3, T4 and TSH? My first impression is you may require further investigations or lab tests to come to diagnosis. Because only T3 T4 and TSH are insufficient these days. You will probably need to get your antithyroid antibody tests. Also other than weight loss any other significant symptoms these days? Hunger? Do you sweat too much? Any changes in scalp hair? How are your menstrual cycles? Are you a working woman? Anybody in your family had thyroid problem?

Looking forward to your reply.
We will discuss it in detail and dont worry you are going to be fine soon :)

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QUESTION: Hello doctor....
Thank you for your thyroid problem arise during pregnancy and. I came to know about it in seven and half month of pregnacy.Actually my husband is working at a very small place in MP. Here doctors does not test TSH level.I came to know about it when I went to pune for my delivery.At that time my TSH was 11.60.There after doctor suggessted me for FT4 test..he prescribed me thyrox 5.0mcg.and after one month TSH gets to it normal value.On 21st jan 2012 I went for a c section n delivered baby my family my mother has thyroid problem detected in height is 5Feet 3 inches.yes I get some more problem like getting hungry very soon,rough skin and dry hairs.and also I was having motions more than three times a day.please let me know about the process of other test related to my menstrual cycle is regular and its around 27 to 29 days.but before child birth I get period for only 3 to 4 days.but now it ends for 5 to 6 days....I am a home maker and at a very small I need some help...please favour me

Hello swati madam,
Are you sure you have not taken thyrox from one month? And reports you got from thyrocare were done when you were not taking thyrox? Why did you leave taking thyrox 1 month ago? There is no permanent treatment for thyroid problems. And if somebody tries to fool you that there is permanent treatment, dont beleve it and dont waste money on it.

Since your mother also had thyroid problem, first thing you have to do is, go to thyrocare again get your FT3, FT4, TSH and Antithyroid Antibodies done. Most of the symptoms like rough skin, dry hair, abnormal menstrual cycle suggest hypothyroidism. But there is a thyroid disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis where you show mixed confusing symptoms of both hypo and hyper thyroidism. So for diagnosing that Antithyroid antibodies is very very important.

So first thing get your tests done at a reliable and same diagnostic centre always.
(Are you economically poor?)

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