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Thyroid Problems/Recovery from hyperparathyroid surgery


I had surgery to remove a parathyroid tumor about 10 weeks ago.  Everything went well, and I felt good enough to return to work the day after surgery.  Unfortunately, my scar does not seem to be healing well.  It is about 3 cm long and still has significant inflammation(about the width of a finger) above the scar line.  There has been little reduction in the inflammation over the past month.  At 10+ weeks post-op, my scar looks much worse than those in photos taken at 2-3 weeks post-op that are posted online.  I'm very concerned about the failure of my inflammation to resolve.  I work with the public and have been wearing turtlenecks to work every day, but spring is coming.  My surgeon's only comment is that all of his scars are invisible.  At what point should I consider seeing a plastic surgeon?  I greatly appreciate your input.

Hello Sheila,
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Your problem seems to be related to post-op infection or no proper healing due to lack of regenerative capacity of your body. Or even there are chances that your surgeon might have failed to close the incisions made in different skin layers properly. Anyway I request you to send the photos of scars if possible. It would greatly help me to diagnose. My mail id :

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