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Please explain: Bilaterally inhomogeneous thyroid gland with bilateral increased vascularity.  Both lobes demonstrate an inhomogeneous parenchyma

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After going through your post carefully, I request you to send me the reports of thyroid tests (TSH, T3, T4 etc) if possible.

The above report suggest that the condition of right part of the thyroid gland is not similar to the left side. Inhomogeneous means not matching or not similar. And also the increased vascularity means there are blood vessels growing inside which may lead to enlargement of thyroid gland. And parenchyma of thyroid gland means the functional cells or the ones which produce and secrete thyroid hormones. When they are inhomogeneous it means some cells are destroyed due to attack/ there are changes in their normal structure.

So for full interpretation, please send the details of all the tests.

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