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QUESTION: Can you please explain how it is that you can have hypothyroidism, take meds for it, but still have a blood test tell you that your blood calcium levels are high?  I am taking 50m.c.g levothyroxine once a day.

ANSWER: Hello Missy,
Warm welcome to you!
Please dont mind I didnt understand your question. If possible please reframe your question in detail and send.

As you know calcium metabolism is not related to thyroid hormones it is related to Parathyroid glands. So serum calcium level is maintained by parathormone and calcitriol. So please post your complete lab reports if possible. Also send details of your symptoms with your age n menstrual details.

Will be waiting for your reply.

Take care. Bye.

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QUESTION: female, 60, complete hysterectomy in 08.  Calcium, 10.6--total protein, 8.0--albumin, 4.9     tsh 3rd., 3.6--gamma glutamyl transferase, 66. Does the high count on calcium mean that i need to go back to endocronology so they can work on my parathyroid?   Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Missy,
Nice to see you again!
All your lab reports are normal except for the gamma glutamyl transferase. Calcium level is absolutely normal. Because normal range is 8-11 mg/dl.

Even then women of your age normally develop a condition called osteoporosis, because of hormonal imbalance. So to be on safer side and for your confirmation you can get your parathyroid hormones checked.

My diagnosis says its due to sudden drop in the serum level of estrogen because of hysterectomy(estrogen level plays much important role in calcium metabolism at your age). So if possible get the serum estrogen level checked.

But my opinion is your calcium level(10.6) is absolutely normal. But your doctor should try to bring your TSH level below 3 (Normal range 0.3-3). But my question is why did you get your gamma glutamyl transferase tested?  Normally its tested in liver disorders. Its pretty high. Are you having any infection going on? or any other condition?

Sorry for the delay in reply :) (as it was sunday).
Take care. Bye.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your responses.  You are well informed, and well educated!  I appreciate that very much.
You are correct, the gamma glutamyl transferase test was done because I have stage 3 fibrosis in my liver due to cirrhosis.  I also had just started feeling better after having a virus for 9 days, when the bloodwork was done.  Could that have altered the liver function test?
I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago, since then no alcohol, low fat, low salt , vegetarian diet.  Take spironolactone for portal hypertension, and ascities. Up until this liver function test came back I thought I was doing fairly well, now I am bummed out. Anyways, thank you for your invaluable time.

Thank you Missy. Its my duty and pleasure to serve you! You can contact me anytime for your health related queries.

As you have rightly pointed out in certain liver disorders like cirrhosis and viral infection the liver function test results are abnormal.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you!

Take care. Have a very good day madam!

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