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Hi Karen, I just read the letter from Cate and I have been in the same boat for about 8 years. I have put on 15 lbs and cannot get it to come off. I eat healthy meals 95% of the time. I have been to four different doctors now and they all tell me that I do not have a thyroid issue. I have been distressed for several years now regarding personal issues in my life and after reading your answer to Cate, I think it might be the stress.  In 2009 I was diagnosed with a form of Alopecia ( I lost all my eyebrow hair and the hair on my legs, arms and face).  I take blood pressure medicine and lexapro. Some days, I just cry because I feel so down.  Is there any kind of herbal supplement that I could take to help me? I am so tired of living like this.

Hello Donna!

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Sorry for the late reply. Was busy in hospital rounds.

I suggest you to get your thyroid profile test done if you have so much doubt. And send me the reports. The weight gain and emotional disturbance could be an adverse effect of lexapro. Will suggest you herbal supplements after we come to a diagnosis. So if possible send me thyroid reports. Also send any other symptoms you are facing.

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