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Hi, I was having joint pain recently but not serius especially at the ankle, lethargy, palpitation since few months ago and a bit of hand tremor. I have normal menstrual cycle and my weight is always around 53 and 54. Doctor said it might be thyrotoxicity, but I thought that one of the symptoms of thyrotoxicity is abnormal menstrual cycle. Is it possible if i have normal menstrual cycle but I have thyrotoxicity?

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Though your symptoms are suggestive of thyrotoxicity, it can be confirmed only after your seeing your Thyroid Profile Tests. So do you have your thyroid reports with you? If you have please send them to me. Also if possible send your recent photo. You said that your weight is 53-54. Can you please send your height? You are right. One of the symptoms of thyrotoxicity is abnormal menstruation. But when the disease is at the begining point there is no such rule that all the symptoms should be present. Different patients exhibit different symptoms in the begining. If left untreated, then all the symptoms start to appear. So at the begining point it is possible to have thyrotoxicity with normal menstruation. I hope I have cleared my point.

Send your Thyroid Test reports(if possible with photo). You can always contact me for further queries. My mail id:

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