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Thyroid Problems/Ultrasound thyroid gland


I had the above done on 3/18/2013;

thyroid ultrasound shows the right lobe to measure 4.9cm and the left to measure 5 cm in sagittal diameter (?)

there are multiple subcentimeter nodules and cysts in both lobes. the largest nodule on the right is 3 mm and largest nodule on the left is 7 mm. there is also left-sided parathyroid nodule 6 mm (?)

Impression: multiple subcentimeter nodules and cysts in both lobes.  

Is it necessary for me to have biopsies at this time?

I will be seeing the doctor next week.  I am not too pleased with this physician and am afraid she will want me to have a biopsy?  I am new to the area in Florida since retiring from the northeast and my insurance seems to draw attention to the many doctors I have been seeing unnecessarily.  I have been told by a physician "we love to see patients from the New England area, they have the best insurance."

Hello Theresa!
I think I had answered your question previously. But again same question I have got today. I dont want to comment on insurance issue. But would like to give pure medical advice. When you have been detected with thyroid nodules it becomes absolutely necessary to do the biopsy. Because your physician may want to know whether there is anything carcinogenic/cancerous going on. And also it will give him/her the idea of consistancy of nodules and what material its made up of also the organisation of cells. So my suggestion is, if your physician advices for a biopsy, then please get it done.

Take care. Have a great day. Bye.

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