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Dear Dr Kulkarni,

I have a question relating to Hyperthyroid.  I'm in the UK.  I have had Hyperthyroid symptoms since 2007 and I am only being treated with beta blockers because Drs don't believe my thyroid is the problem due to my ranges not exceeding UK national average ranges, but my family history does not originate from the UK.

My TSH tested low end of normal range and my T4 at high end of normal range.  I also have positive Anti-Nuclear-Antibody with elevated IgM antibody.  I am ferritin and folate deficient also despite a good diet.

My symptoms began in 2007 2 months after giving birth to my first child.

Symptoms:  Sustained Sinus Tachycardia (constantly above 100 at rest), High blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic). Diarreha on a daily basis.  Excess stomach acid, bloating and cramps.  Intolerance to heat.  Changes to nails (which started in 2007 also) including brittle wiry hair, peeling fingernails and loss of lunula on all nails, toenails came away from nailbeds.  Weight loss of 3 stone in a period of 8 weeks when it all started and inability to gain weight despite good diet.  Voice changes/hoarsness.  Sensitivity in front of neck.  Vision problems.  Headaches.  Muscle weakness.  And intolerance to exertion.

My fatigue and muscle weakness is getting worse.

One GP was going to try me on Carbimazole to see if it would improve my symptoms and thought that perhaps my natural thyroid level hovered around low before I became sick.

I have had this condition for 6 years.

Current diagnosis is Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia with High blood pressure and chronic fatigue.

I would like to see about getting further tests on my thyroid but don't know how to go about it.

Can you tell me if people CAN have levels within national average ranges but still be hyperthyroid?  

The reason I ask is that if I were living in another country I would be considered hyperthyroid but ranges in the UK state that I'm not.

Any tips or advice on getting listened to would be great.


Hello samantha,
Warm welcome to you!
Its absolutely possible that a patient has thyroid levels in national average ranges and be hyperthyroid. The ranges are generic and not person specific. Every human being is different so labs need to be co-related with symptoms. I absolutely suggest you to start with medication and see if it improves the situation. But before that your physician must rule out all other causes by some lab tests and screening. And I think your liver is bit weak. Please get your Liver Function Test done. Ok?

Take care. Have a great day. Bye.

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