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hi - I (and my mother and siblings) are all hypothyroid. my daughter has had some symptoms which could be related to thyroid problems - low energy, dry skin, weight gain and depression. She had her thyroid tested at college and the test results were: TSH 3.085, T3-uptake 23, T4 15.9, and free T4 3.7. The clinic told her the results are OK. I know the T4 is high, but that could be due to birth control pills; the TSH is borderline normal from what I know, but would it be enough to cause the symptoms she's having? Also, if no treatment is indicated at this point, what kind of followup would you recommend as far as frequency of testing?

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Ya the present level of TSH is enough to cause the symptoms. And lab values are always generic. So the point at which the symptoms start to show up varies from person to person. What is the age of your daughter? Because she is taking birth control pills, they make her body insensitive to T4(thyroxine, no matter in what quantity it is produced). Thats why we can observe elevated TSH while T4 being bit high. I think she can check the thyroid levels when she is not on birth control pills. And then we can diagnose accurately.

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